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Jiaxing Xin Aluminium Metal Material Co., Ltd.

will create a one-stop service for metal material integration together.

Jiaxing Xin Aluminium Metal Material Co., Ltd. and Jiaxing Qiaotai Technology Co., Ltd. will create a one-stop service for metal material integration together. Better service in various industries through combination after purchaser, and realize products from raw materials to extrusion to CNC deep processing and surface treatment are one-stop procurement requirements. The group company mainly serves aluminum products processing , supporting precision parts products supplemented by other metal materials, aluminum products non-standard parts processing department, copper non-standard parts processing department, The stainless steel parts processing department is for new energy, electric power, rail transit, auto parts, security, military and other fields.

Xinlu JXXLV.COM is a company that integrates the development and various energy-saving production and environmentally friendly aluminum alloy profiles. The greatest wealth of the company is that its employees have rich experience in aluminum profiles to solve problems in the production process. The company has more than 20 years of experience in the production of aluminum profiles and can deliver aluminum profiles in various industries. The equipment has 10 advanced Japanese Mitsubishi technology extrusion production lines, the product cover 600 tons-5500 tons extrusion, the product cross-section width is up to 500MM, and the surface treatment has hard oxidation, color oxidation, electrolytic oxidation, spraying and other processes , The equipment has 3 spraying production lines imported from Germany, 2 electrophoresis oxidation production lines in Italy, 1 matting electrophoresis production line in Japan, and 2 sandblasting production lines each. There are 2 domestic advanced production lines of 2D, 3D, 4D, carved wood grain and embossed wood grain. Qiaotai Technology has 70 sets of CNC equipment for machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC cutting machines, automatic sawing machines, punching machines and more than dozens of equipment.


The main products to undertake custom-made molds are aluminum rod deep-processing parts, aluminum round tubes, aluminum square tubes, aluminum corners, assembly line aluminum profiles, double-speed chain aluminum profiles, aluminum guide rails, aluminum digital equipment housings, aluminum motor housings, aluminum heat sinks Device, aluminum bracket, aluminum medical equipment profile, aluminum power supply housing, LED aluminum lamp housing, aluminum frame, copper non-standard parts, stainless steel non-standard parts, aluminum forgings, aluminum die castings, etc.,

The efficient and orderly operation of the company, whether the delivery time or product quality and after-sales service can be a good guarantee. We always take the needs of domestic and foreign customers as the goal pursued, and make unremitting efforts to strive for first-class products!